It is always a struggle for me to eat enough fruits and vegetables in the winter. Winter fruits seem like so much work to me. Oh how I miss berries, peaches and watermelon!!! I love bananas but I hardly consider them a fruit… they are just a staple.

A few days ago, I decided I better try to eat a healthy snack and found that I had one last grapefruit. The idea of cutting the sections and dealing with digging out the fruit made me grumpy. Then, I remembered having a baked grapefruit served to me once but had never thought to try it at home. The task of looking up a recipe and cooking directions also made me feel grumpy so I pulled out some of my favorite honey, lathered it up and baked it in the toaster oven. The result did NOT make me grumpy! Mmmm… the warm sections burst in my mouth, the tart fruit contrasting with the sweet bubbly honey on top. I nibbled a few sesame coated almonds in between bites which made the experience all the more sublime. Later, I read online that many baked grapefruit recipes include butter and cinnamon. Sounds delicious but the honey was divine.

Honey Baked Grapefruit



Cut the grapefruit in half and separate sections with a knife. Drizzle honey generously over the top of each section. Place on a cookie sheet and put in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. Finish off with a little extra broil time to make the top bubbly.