Nothing is a better complement to good food and drink than stimulating conversation. Three months ago, my sweet and talented friend mav of port2port, told me over the phone about a debate she and her dinner companions had during their New Year’s Eve feast. It occurred at a restaurant and even surrounding tables got involved in the discussion. I have been thinking about it ever since…

If you had to give up one of your 5 senses, which would it be?

After three months, I have come up with my own surprising answer: taste. Funny answer from a food blogger. Here is my rationale:

Sight – Immediately, I know I could not give it up. My world is one filled with color that lights my life.

Sound – Birds chirping, music, the voices of my loved ones… a life’s lullaby that could not be sacrificed.

Touch – I am so tactile and live for massage, soft fabric and texture. Not to mention, giving up touch would just be downright dangerous.

This leaves me with smell and taste. Food and drink are the often the delight of my days and at the center of my thoughts. But, we all know what happens when we have a cold… we can’t taste anything! We taste sweet, salt, sour and bitter things. The rest of our food experiences are all through the nose which can detect over 15,000 aromas.

So, if forced to give up a sense, I would sacrifice taste in the hopes that the smell of fresh popcorn, the soft texture of pastry cream along with the vanilla aroma and the cold creamy slide of ice cream would be enough to keep me going.

I turn the question to you.. which would it be???