Early this morning, when I stepped out to walk my little dog, I smelled so much excitement in the fresh, spring air. You can almost feel the life ready to burst out of the ground. I became intoxicated with the sunshine and the early morning stillness of our neighborhood street. With a part of my brain still in early morning dreamland, my imagination brought me to a springtime wonderland. I saw the buds on the trees turning orange with the energy of a kernel of popcorn about ready to burst. The scurrying squirrels were doing the polka up and down the branches. And, the little birds chirping had such purpose it seemed as if their sounds alone were pulling the sun up into the sky.

For me, this time of renewal and rebirth brings an organic energy, a regular turning up of the corner of my lips, a new bounce in my step, ease in getting out of bed each day and an eager anticipation for all the fresh produce soon to come!