It is a beautiful summer day in Chicago. Caroline walks into Bistrot Zinc where she plans to meet her family for dinner. She approaches the bar where she will wait for the rest of her party to arrive. Her eyes widen as she discovers a silver wheel of hard boiled eggs sitting on the bar near the basket of homemade potato chips.

Caroline: Oh my. Wow. Is this a wheel of hard boiled eggs to snack on while you wait at the bar?

Bartender: It sure is.

Caroline rummages in her purse

Caroline: This is the most exciting thing I have ever seen. I am so excited, I am going to take a photograph of it.

Bartender: (in deadpan voice) I hope not.

Caroline: (still excitedly)Hope what?

Bartender: (still deadpan) I hope it isn’t the most exciting thing you have ever seen.

Caroline: (nervous fast talk) Oh well, I have low blood sugar problems and sometimes I get so hungry while waiting for dinner. And, well, I love chips but protein helps so much and I would just be so happy to have one of those eggs in a moment of need… (trailing off as bartender continues to show no hint of a smile)

Click. Click. Click.

Camera goes back in Caroline’s purse. Bartender turns around to make her a gin and tonic. When he puts the drink on the bar in front of her, he picks up the egg wheel and puts it out of reach on the other side of the bar. Hmmm.

Caroline Thinks: I’ll come back for you egg wheel.