Lately, I have been so frustrated with photography! A few weeks ago, I determined that I would not post things that did not have a decent photo. I just adore sites with beautiful photography like this one and this one and this one.

I was feeling really sad about the ugly old Horitiki image that wasn’t even 1/100th as appetizing as the actual salad. But, I wanted to post the recipe, so I did it. When I scan back over old posts, I cringe at the over-flash filled Greek salad bowl.

It guess it is all about the natural light and as the days get shorter and I spend most of my natural light filled hours at work, I fear the problem will get worse. Finally, I posted the little story about my neighbors even though the photo was dark and blurry but I was a little sad about it. In the past weeks, I made a yummy tomato and basil soup and a delicious Pork with Marsala Sage Sauce. The recipes were good, the photos were not.

Bad photography…To post or not to post, THAT is the question. Luckily, I am going to spend a few days with a photo expert where I hope to revive my inspirations and pick up a few tips!