Last weekend, we ate our way through New York City. During our three day jaunt, we did not end up visiting a single museum, seeing a show or hearing live music. I did however put a number of things in my mouth that were some of the best flavors and food experiences of my life. Just the memories, as I sit here late at night thinking about it, make me shudder.

Amazing food brings me such joy and excitement, I almost wonder if I have a problem. Spending time with my husband, who happens to be my number one comrade, and discovering small, quaint restaurants and bakeries, perusing the menus and sinking our teeth into one delicacy after another makes me happier than just about anything.

I have decided to start a new category on Whipped called Food Finds by City for others who may be traveling and enjoy recommendations. In the coming days, I will start by sharing my recent New York City favorites.

The photo above is the image of my dream breakfast. Cafe Henri is a small, ten table restaurant that features crepes and other brunch dishes. I enjoyed the scrambled eggs, which were certainly made with cream and the perfect balance between fluffy and solid…moist but not wet. On the side you will see my bacon, potatoes, small salad and fresh bread with homemade peach preserves. Even the cappuccino was perfection and arrived with a mountain of foam akin to an angel’s cloud. My husband ordered the nutella and banana crepe. After it arrived, I only saw the top of his head for about three minutes and his plate was clean. So, I gather it was equally as memorable.

Cafe Henri
27 Bedford St (between Carmine & Downing in the West Village)
New York, NY 10014

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5 Responses to “New York City – Cafe Henri”

  1. Best Rugalech Recipe Says:

    [...] « Cafe Henri, New York City [...]

  2. Toast with Honey & Manchego Cheese Says:

    [...] Thank you Blue Ribbon Bakery for such a delectable mid-day treat! Well, the truth is, I devoured about fifteen minutes after eating my enormous breakfast at Cafe Henri in New York. But, Blue Ribbon was right across the street and while I was in the neighborhood, I felt it was my duty to visit, sample and report. [...]

  3. joe plummer Says:

    Cafe Henri…so delicious.

  4. John Smith Says:

    An excellent restaurant to hang out!!

    Ok…I know I am a foodie and have travelled quite a bit and been to lot many places but the one city which is always an extension of mine is undoubtedly New York. I am proud to wear my Nike NY cap and cheer my Basketball team without fail. I have been to almost all the food joints, restaurants, pubs and bars located in Manhattan and I must say they all are pretty good considering this age of twittering and Face book wherein if you fail once your name pops up on all the social networking websites with negative comments. This is a welcome change becoz ultimately we the customers become the king as shoddy service or bad quality food can easily land the owners into trouble.

    But the one place which has succeeded in amazing me is the newly refurbished Restaurant named Point Break. Formerly named as Nation Restaurant & Bar, Point Break is a new Surf Bar located in the heart of mid-town Manhattan. Now I remember sometime back I had been to this place when it had the old look and feel and I thought ok..seems to be an average place..what’s the big deal? But even during my last visit when it was still in its old shape it served me excellent food and the service was razor sharp. So last Saturday when one of my friend threw a party and told me the venue to be a swanky new outlet which he was speaking so highly about I thought ok..let’s try this one too. When he told me about the address I wasn’t sure it was the same place but when I reached there the whole look and feel from Outside was changed and once I entered in, the earlier known Nation was truly looking like a break from the past and hats off this guy, I don’t remember the name of the owner, but he has rightly renamed it as Point Break!! It appeals to the newer generation guys like me. We had a great time there. The menu featured old classics and new additions. I loved the wheel o’ shots which made me crazy!! I had the fish tacos which was delicious..yummeee and it has got plenty of room for parties, the DJ that they had was great, excellent sound system as well and the drinks were strong and I had a look at the menu and thought the prices were pretty good.

    Guys on top of it the next day when I searched this place on the internet, this restaurant has a Face book page too wherein they post photos and updates of recent happenings/parties and upcoming events/parties/offers too. They tweet also which is really nice thinking by the owner.

    Anyways not wanting to sound like a paid blogger I would say as a foodie this restaurant is a nice one and I would not hesitate to give my recommendation for it to my guests coming in from out of town. Go and try once and do not hesitate to leave a comment once you are there. I know I am only going to get thumbs up from you all!!!


    John Smith, NYC

  5. 三田 英梨 Says:

    I feel one of your current ads caused my web browser to resize, you might well need to set that on your blacklist.

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