Thank you friends for all your comments and conversation about the Rugalech. Let’s keep talking baked goods, shall we?

This past summer, while in New York City, I made my first pilgrimage to Magnolia Bakery. I went at night, waited around the corner and then gave into my hoarding instincts and grabbed cupcakes madly to fill my box. If you were reading back then, you will remember my report was less than enthusiastic.

During my more recent trip to the Big Apple, I followed the advice of friends and visited Billy’s Bakery. We ordered a sampling including Red Velvet Cake (one of my all time favorite things), Banana Cake and a few different cupcakes.

The decor was quaint and cute, the staff more friendly than Magnolia’s and the line shorter. And now I tiptoe to my true opinion…I didn’t love the cakes. Eeeek… can little midwestern girl truly turn her nose up at two of the most popular bakeries in New York City?! The cakes were nice and pretty but all were quite dry. Perhaps I am so spoiled by fresh cake out of the oven that I am not realistic about bakery case cake. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing… some friends later told me the Ice Box Cake was the way to go or even a slice of pie. Finally, I might be realizing that I prefer desserts that are not too sweet and the icings at bakeries are often sugary as can be.

Excuses, excuses. Anyway, I just really wanted to love Billy’s Bakery and I do suggest you swing by if you are in the neighborhood. There is a good chance it isn’t the bakery… it might just be me.

p.s. Speaking of Red Velvet Cake, it may be time to bake one up with Valentine’s Day on its way. (Seems like a good time to eat red cake.) I think I will revisit this Red Velvet Cake recipe, which i haven’t made since last year.