Good served with fish.
Good spread on bread.
Good for repelling vampires.

This dish is a garlic lover’s dream. It is probably not the best thing to serve at a dinner party unless horrendous garlic breath does something for conversation. And be prepared, if you go to the gym the day after eating Skordalia, you will smell garlic in your sweat.

My version is actually toned down from what my husband’s aunt makes in Greece. She uses a massive stone mortar and pestle to smash together the cooked potatoes with raw garlic. Hers has even more garlic and the consistency is better using all that “elbow grease” versus the food processor, which can make the potato consistency a bit gummy. Still, this version conjurs up the same flavors and was a welcome treat in our house this week. Although my hubby recognzied it was not the same as what he is served around the table in Corfu, his eyes opened wide upon first bite and after swallowing, his first words were, “mmmm…yummy my love!” Music to my ears.

3 medium potatoes
8-12 cloves fresh garlic
1/3 cup olive oil
3 T red wine vinegar
juice of 1/2 lemon


Peel potatoes and cut into large chunks. Boil them until tender but not mushy. Drain them and let them dry a bit. Put the them in a food processor with the fresh cloves of garlic and a hefty pinch of salt. Pulse until combined and no large pieces of garlic remain. Add liquids little by little, alternating and pulsing until combined. Taste as you go, adding salt and more of any of the liquid ingredients to your desired flavor. Serve on bread or as a side to dip sausages or fish.

I added a new category of Greek Favorites to the side bar for those seeking out traditional Greek recipes. I will be adding more as summer arrives. Greek food always tastes best to me in the hot weather!