Lately, I have been around the house a lot and have taken to grazing all day long. Little nibbles of delicious flavors keep me going from hour to hour.

One of my latest food discoveries has been Red Anjou pears. They have been arriving in my weekly, organic produce delivery and come from this farm in Washington. Although I haven’t made it yet, their site has a nice looking red pear pie recipe with dried apricots, pecans and cinnamon.

I read that the Red Anjou isn’t much different than its yellow/green counterpart but I would disagree. The texture seems nicer and maybe it is just the beautiful color that has me excited but I swear they taste better!

For this snack, use as sharp a cheddar cheese as you can find sliced very thin between the pears and the toast. It is a fabulous juxtaposition to the sweetness of the raisins, pears and honey. Of course, you could make a number of variations of this using different breads, apples or pear varieties.

Toast your bread. Place thin slices of cheddar on the toast and let them melt slightly. Top with thin pear slices and drizzle with honey. mmmm…..