I have not been keeping hydrated this summer. Probably, I drink about half the water that I should. And, we all know that water is so good for plump and healthy skin, weight loss, less achey muscles and generally feeling much better. So, to get myself on the band wagon, I started to turn things up a notch.

I have found that if you add a little sex appeal to your daily water intake, you are much more likely to drink it down. Start by choosing a pretty vessel. Fill it up with fresh, filtered water. Slice up some citrus fruit (I used grapefruit that was too sour to eat and some lemon) and toss it in the water. Or, instead of citrus, try thin, cucumber slices. Go ahead and splash a few ice cubes into the mix so that the outside of the pitcher gets a little slick with perspiration.

Now just see how much you reach for that sexy water. I bet, like me, you will double your intake in no time.

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9 Responses to “Sexy Water”

  1. Sues Says:

    My favorite kind of water!! I hate that all kinds of reports are coming out about how the lemons they use in restaurants are bacteria-ridden. I always order ice water with lemon. But at least I can still have it in my home. So good to get the extra vitamin C too.

  2. Harper Says:

    I am a big hydrator but found I wasn’t drinking as much at home in the evenings as I was during the day at work. I realized the difference was that in my office I kept water at my desk in a 1 liter container so it was easy to refill my cup. So I started using a lovely glass pitcher at home. I fill it up and keep it by me and, sure enough, my evening hydration has gone way up. But I love the idea of prettying it up even more — mmm cucumbers.

    A friend who never really liked water realized that she needed to make water as easy to use as a soda would be so she started keeping water in reusable 12 oz bottles in her fridge. Worked for her and you could use those sexy ruby red and cobalt blue bottles from Tynant – reusing them might justify buying such pricey water a few times.

  3. Sandie Says:

    With a name like sexy water, who wouldn’t want to drink more of it?! I can sense a trend starting: sexy iced tea, sexy lemonade, sexy club soda…. the possibilities are endless.

  4. johanna Says:

    right on! we just started doing this at our house. we keep a just of water at the ready, teeming with ice cubes and lemon slices. makes all the difference.

  5. Antonia Says:

    Great post – I couldn’t agree more. So much more tempting when served from a pretty jug clinking with ice cubes!

  6. lucky Says:

    everything you’ve said here is true for me. i love water and drink lots – but when i add lemon, lime, cukes – its so much better – and its so funny but that perspiration on the pitcher is sexy! love your blog!

  7. Irene Says:

    And if you drop a few raspberries into the water with the slices of lemon… you might actually want to refill the pitcher, just to see the sparkle again :)

  8. Giveaway: Who wants a Camelbak Groove? Says:

    [...] few summers ago, I was preparing these pitchers of sexy water. Then I made a rule that I had to drink a full glass of water before every meal or snack. When the [...]

  9. Madeline Says:

    First time at your blog. Lovin’ it. So much. Way to up the ante on water. It’s a pretty important little guy…and deserves all the sex-ing up it can get.

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