A look back at my best food photography.

A few weeks ago, I was tagged by Kristin at The Kitchen Sink for the Ten Favorite Food Photos and have decided to take part in my first meme. It is timely as I have exciting news in my photography world. Before going on my recent trip to Europe, I bit the bullet and bought a new camera! I decided on the Canon Rebel XSi and must say that I am still shivering with excitement over this purchase. So, below is a little trip down memory lane with my old, dinky Canon Powershot SD600.
For me, one of the draws to blogging was experimentation and practice with photography. I still take most shots top down as I think they are easiest for an amateur and I have found that a somewhat consistent style of photography makes a blog look overall better. Perhaps my new camera will have me shooting from all directions!

It is funny that after I chose these 10 photos individually, I noticed a number of themes. Certainly cake and sweets turn up in many of my favorites. The question is, do I take the best photos of sweets because I love them so much or do I just think they are the best photos because I love the subject matter? Well, that is like a chicken and egg question… and speaking of eggs…I must love circular shapes because there are a lot of them here. Very feminine and voluptuous, what does it mean?

Thanks for gazing and reading. Stay tuned for an onslaught of yummies from my trip abroad.