Boy, I have been feeling blue. Today I could barely get out of bed. I think that the news along with life stresses has finally gotten to me. But, I will fight it back and find my smile. Afterall, I have a lucky life with more blessings than I can count.

Where will I find my smile? Well, inside the custard center of a doughnut, behind the wrapper of a candy bar and between the layers of my favorite red velvet cake… of course!

Although food is not a permanent solution, nor a healthy way to find happiness, it is good for a little smile and respite from the depressing news and politics!!!

Want to join me? I have a great surprise. Vosges Haut-Chocolat is offering a friends and family discount that they have given everyone free reign to spread to their friends and family and their friends and family and their…. you get the point. So, I am spreading it to YOU! You can enjoy 20% off anything they sell through Sunday, October 19. You just need the code FRIEND28. You can use it on their website in the Promo Code at check out or mention it at stores or over the phone.

I would suggest their Comfort Foods, the Barcelona Bar, the Exotic Caramels… I can feel the smile creeping back across my face already.

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6 Responses to “Are We Doomed?”

  1. Judith Says:

    Oh man, it’s tempting, and I adore Vosges to death, but I just spent $40 on Choxie this weekend. $16 for half a pound of toffee? I want to, but Mr. Wallet-man says no, haha.

  2. Sandie Says:

    Hey, those chocolate skulls are cute! (They wouldn’t happen to be filled with Grand Marnier, would they?)

  3. EB Says:

    Oh man. You’re mean. I totally agree though. It may not be the healthiest option but sugary comfort food sometimes is called for. I got laid off this week and the very first thing I did was go home and bake. Pink slips apparently can be drowned out by chocolate chips :)

  4. robin // caviar and codfish Says:

    I always use food to battle bad-moods. Food and exercise, to keep things balanced. Oh, that and a glass of whiskey. ;)

  5. ぐおぼば Says:

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