When I was young, I clearly remember that the Raisin Bran commercial was all about two whole scoops of raisins. Seemingly, the other brands were skimpy with their raisins. I had a little trick that helped me access the good stuff, which often shifted to the bottom of the box. When opening new cereal, I would take out the bag, flip it upside-down and then open the bag. The clusters or raisins were better proportioned as you worked your way through the box.

Last week, I bought a box of Wild Harvest organic raisin brain. There was no claim as to how many raisins were in the box. Well, I will tell you what… this pendulum has swung too far. There are TOO MANY raisins in this box. What about the flakes? I really don’t want more than one to two raisins per spoonful of flakes. Otherwise, too chewy. Too sweet.

As I stared, frustrated, into the bottom of my bowl with the dregs of my milk and a pile of raisins, I had a realization: Ratio is so important. Even if the flavor of everything you make, bake or eat is just perfect, the ratios of all the parts can make or break the whole. So, beware of an excess of sauce, skimpy nuts, overwhelming garnish, or too many raisins!