Once again, my gift guide takes us back to Michigan, my home state, but this time we head north to American Spoon. Michigan winters can be brutal but the summers are dreamy. I have childhood memories of regular swims in lakes, fresh breezes, boating, sand dunes and glorious berries: blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. I believe that fresh, delicious berries may be nature’s best gift to the palate. American Spoon preserves Michigan’s treasures at their peak so we may close our eyes and sample a touch of Summer year round.

My Gift of Choice: Favorite Five Preserves Gift Pack, $42

Why? It was a hard choice between their Spoon Fruits and Preserves but lately, I have been more partial to a thick spread of preserves on toast. I also wanted to include a gift for people who may not be able to consume perishable gifts quickly. Preserves are a good choice for smaller household or people like my parents who receive so many gift baskets, they can’t possibly work their way through all the food right away. These jars will wait patiently in the pantry all year.

Other Yummy Considerations:
The Ultimate PB&J In A Box, $27.95
Naturally Sweet Quartet Spoon Fruits, $34
Grillers Quartet, $35.95
American Spoon Holiday Gift Case, $99.50

Whipped Mail Order Gift Guide: If you are just now tuning in, see previous posts for other gift ideas. This is the second to the last! Then, I will be back to my usual posting including holiday entertaining treats and ideas and homemade gifts. Thank you for reading!