There has not been much interesting to report from the Whipped kitchen lately. We are coping with a touch of after holiday blues, flu and temperatures below zero. I am not trying to be a winter grump. Honest, I’m not. I just haven’t been overly creative with our nourishment.

Instead, I have decided to drop in and say hello with my friend Blue Bird the Sugar Guardian. I tend to make up names, stories and personalities for inanimate objects. This fellow comes to us by way of the Anthropologie Clearance bin. There was no spoon with the bowl which is likely how Blue Bird made it to underpriced heap. My husband found him and knew he was just the sort of fella that would bring me a daily smile. So, he came home to perch on our countertop. Blue Bird is faithful and takes his sugar roosting quite seriously. He also tends to be a bit stern and lacking in sense of humor. If I reach for a second spoonful for my coffee, he gives me the eye and reminds me to keep my sugar intake to a minimum.

I am thinking about getting Blue Bird some pals. These Early Birds seem fun but they look awfully chatty and I am not sure that will be a fit with Blue Bird’s more stoic demeanor. Or, maybe Cockadoodle Timer will find her way to our home. She also seems a bit more gregarious and maybe not a perfect personality fit. But, who knows… perhaps romance will ensue? They say opposites attract.