I have been spending a lot of time at home lately. Between Mini Whipped’s 7:30pm bedtime and the dark, cold winter, we have been a bit homebound. Luckily, I have been feeling extra cozy in my house of late and have been especially appreciating some of our “things.”

This Stokke chair has been our best purchase in the past year. I had seen Stokke chairs at friends’ houses and I always appreciated the sleek Scandinavian design. However, that is not the main reason I love it so much now that we own one. Mini Whipped sits on this chair pulled up to our table for all of her meals. Without the usual tray in front of her, she truly enjoys the family mealtime. She pipes in during conversation with her own babytalk stories, shares sips from my grown up water glass, wants tastes of everything we are eating and has recently started offering us back a few of her Cheerios.

The Stokke chair is not cheap. We happened upon this one at a second hand children’s store for nearly nothing. But, after dozens of the most-fun-ever, memorable family mealtimes with 9-month old Mini Whipped by my side, I would pay the full price many times over.

p.s. modeling the chair is our monkey pal, Jelly. He was given to us by this artist and his talented gal. Said artist also painted the piece on the wall.