I am a major National Public Radio (NPR) fan. During their pledge drives on the air, they talk about “driveway stories,” which are stories that are so good, the listeners stay in their cars in their driveways when they get home just to finish listening. I am that listener.

Chicago Public Radio often keeps me company in the kitchen too. A few weeks ago, they had someone on the air talking about food trends for 2009. Trends have always fascinated me. Once I heard Leatrice Eiseman, a color expert, speak about upcoming color trends. I always wonder who the “trend Gods” are and it turns out she is one of them. She showed us color trend predictions and had explanations to back them up. For example, she showed a palette of warm, Southwest colors and said that baby boomers would be retiring in droves and will be flocking to places like Arizona and therefore, adobe oranges, sunset peach, sandy yellows and a touch of turquoise would be in style. Leatrice also unveiled a beautiful palette of blues. In the 21st century, water is predicted to be an ever scarce resource and on our minds a lot. Therefore, blues would rise to the top.

Back to 2009 cutting edge in the kitchen. Food commentator, Bonny Wolf predicted lots of comfort foods and cheap eats (big surprise…. economy in the toilet and all). I tuned out a bit until she chimed in saying that “anything with an egg on it” would be popular. Anything with an egg on it?! Hmmm… seems a bit broad.

My head gets racing with funny little scenes sometimes and I almost giggled out loud as I imagined my self serving up dish after dish in my kitchen with a fried egg on top: Pancake tower with a sunny-side-up on top. Spaghetti and meatballs, a la Holstein…. coming right up! Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting topped with scramble crumbles.

The good news is that the Whipped kitchen seems to be ahead of the trends! I wrote about these egg-topped rice bowls over a year ago. I suppose that puts me ahead of the game.

For those of you who are anxious to get with the program, spoon-sized desserts, charcuterie platters and Peruvian food are also on the horizon for 2009. So, put on your jumpsuits and novelty heels, preferably in fuchsia or salmon rose and start making empanadas.