I thought this might bring a smile to some faces for the start of the work week. Every time I even THINK about these mini cookies, I can’t help but smile. One of my Kathy-friends (if you have been reading, you might remember I have shared recipes from two special Kathy’s in my life) makes dozens and dozens of mini cookies every holiday season. I am lucky enough to be on her delivery list. And, I must mention that she delivers her mini cookies in her cute-as-can-be vanilla-colored Mini Cooper.

She presents her baby masterpieces in a small, white Asian take-out container. Unhook the tab and fold back the four flaps and you will gasp at what is revealed. DOZENS of miniature, baby, itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie, delicate, perfectly formed cookies.

AMAZEMENT that someone could create such little works of art. INDECISION about which morsel to try first. FEAR that you will break the delicate gems if you don’t reach in ever so carefully. GRATITUDE that you will have no caloric guilt since each is so tiny, it can barely be bad for you! AWE that although they are small, they are more flavorful and delicious than full-sized bites.

Dreaming of mini cookies on this rainy Monday…

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11 Responses to “Mini Cookies for Monday”

  1. katie Says:

    JEALOUSY that Kathy is not my friend and/or lives near my house so I can be on her delivery route as well.

  2. Lisa Says:

    HAPPINESS that Kathy is my sis and I always get some cookies and jellies…. not to mention SADNESS that the holidays are far far away and said cookies won’t be around until December.

    Love the blog!

  3. Ed Says:

    Kathy is my daughter. These cookies are the best in the world….and they travel well from Chicago to Phoenix!

  4. amanda Says:

    kathy is my friend. JOY!

  5. Sue Skutecki Says:

    AMAZEMENT that this talented and creative cook is my daughter. She certainly didn’t get her baking skills from me!

  6. cate Says:

    cutest ever! my daughter would love to feed these to her various “kids”. thank you, kathy friend for the inspiration for cuteness.

  7. mari evans Says:

    how can i get the recipes for these cute mini cookies?

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  11. Stolk Says:

    Thanks for sharing some of the minis. They taste better when small!

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