The other day after picking up some dry cleaning, I found my way into the enormous Vietnamese grocer anchoring the corner of the strip mall.  The aisles and aisles of foreign foods call to me and pull me in like a strong magnet.  I can easily waste an hour investigating the hundreds of different noodle packages, deciphering the differences between the unending bags of rice, making a decision between 50 various green teas and cringing at the meat and seafood cases. Inevitably, I go in without needing anything and leave with a cart full of random items.

This time, a large bag of baby bok choy found me. All week, I added it to soup, tossed it in stir fry and finally just sauteed them in a touch of sesame oil and finished them with a little soy sauce and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. The flavor is sort of napa cabbage-y, crunchy and watery while still being flavorful. Most of all, it satisfies my love for all things miniature… Mother Nature made these bok choy in individual portions!