Dear Hot Doug,

I never thought I would find another Yesterdog and I guess I still have not.
But claiming that they are still my sole hot dog love? Well, now my heart is caught.

I am not the first nor the last to sing praises. I know you have many a suitor.
Still, I have decided to come forth and proclaim my love! (hiding slightly, behind my computer)

It is not just the taste of your offerings that have me dizzy with delight.
I love the consistency, the options, the dry humor, the steady pace…. your operation is tight.

I know what to expect when I get there and it is worthy of the long line.
Fresh sausages, homemade toppings and the most PERFECT corn dog every time.

Our special dates are Fridays and Saturdays when you make those duck fat fries.
If I said I didn’t care for them or could live without, I would be telling you bold-faced lies.

Your sausage emporium really does it for me. I am addicted to your perfect treats.
There are no two finer words in the English language than the words ‘encased meats.’

Hot Doug’s
3324 North California
Chicago, Illinois