This past weekend I took a little trip with the dog and Mini Whipped to visit various friends in Michigan.  The baby was asleep in the back seat and the dog snoozing on my lap as I cruised down Lake Michigan Drive heading towards Grand Rapids.  A Dairy Queen loomed ahead.  A Dairy Queen with a drive-through.  I used my will power and drove on past.  I lost my will power and circled back. They offered me a Pup Cup.  I assumed it was water for the dog and declined.  Upon handing my Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard to me they asked, “Are you sure he wouldn’t like a little ice cream? It’s free.”


A small cup of vanilla ice cream was handed through the window.  Just then, Nigel stirred, sniffed and started licking. I saw a thought bubble form above his furry little head…. “Jackpot.”