WATCH VIDEO HERE – Until I can figure out how to insert it into this post.

I have been wrestling for days to post the video of the lady making homemade phyllo pastries.  I finally got it on YouTube but then my audio was disabled.  Just a little copyright issue I guess.  For those who know the tune, maybe you can imagine it in your head. I had the version of Zorba the Greek from the movie Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Now the audio has been replaced by a YouTube royalty free folk tune.  hmmm.  Anyway, the movie is worth a peek to see the lady tossing the fresh phyllo.

The first time I was introduced to this bakery, we waited in line and finally reached the counter to buy our hot, flakey squares of custard filled dream.  Sharp movement caught the corner of my eye and I snuck to the back to see a woman circling massive, thin sheets of dough into the air.  She continued to flop it, wrap it, pat it and fold it until she had a small pie ready for the oven. The phyllo I have always known has zero elasticity while this homemade version is the exact opposite.

I drooled over these custard pastries last year and even gave you a recipe if you want to try making bougatsa at home.  You may use commercial, flat sheets of phyllo pastry.  If you feel brave enough to make homemade phyllo after watching this video, you can find a recipe here.  Good luck!  As for me, I will just keep counting down the days until next summer when I can once again gorge myself on these heavenly pastries.