Perfect  and consistent food experiences are hard to find.  The almond croissant from this French patisserie has nearly brought tears to my eyes time after time. 

A crispy outer layer emits an audible crackle as your teeth sink in peeling away thin flakes.  Just underneath this crunchy exterior you meet airy layers of dough.  Soft, pull-apart, buttery dough.  At the center of the almond variety is a fragrant, sweet paste that has eased and oozed against the unforgettable innermost layers.  The memory of my last bite lingers for weeks.  This croissant romances me better than a Frenchman along la bord de la Seine.

The talented, married duo Dimitri and Kelly Fayard own Vanille Patisserie in Chicago.  I have had the great fortune of watching Kelly create her masterful wedding cakes that are not only visually stunning but memorably delicious.  And, I have heard great tales of Dimitri and his chocolate and sugar sculpture.  Macaroons, tarts, wedding cakes, mousse cakes, pate de fruit, pain au chocolat…. are you convinced?

Go here:   Vanille Patisserie, 2229 North Clybourn, Chicago, Illinois, 773-868-4574