If you live in Chicago or nearby, check your calendar and then make plans to see this show.  I am still flying high from the energy of last night’s performance.

This is primarily a food-centric blog.  But, as I have written above, Whipped is about food, drink and conversation from around the table. I foresee I will be talking about Fuerza Bruta around many a table and so will you once you go and see it!

Last night, I was lucky enough to be one of the first in Chicago to experience Fuerza Bruta.   Upon arrival, the audience was led through the historic Auditorium Theatre right up to the stage where we stood together for the duration of the performance.

Fuerza Bruta is a thrilling, experiential, new style of theatre.  It has the inventiveness of Blue Man Group during their opening season (before they made themselves boring), the physical beauty as well as the visual and auditory stimulation of Cirque du Soleil and the energy of the best concert you have ever attended.

Together with the performers, the audience moves around the stage surprised and engaged with each “act.”  It got a little messy at times and for some perhaps it was all too close for comfort.  But, I found that the proximity to the action and the physical interaction between performers and audience created an unbelievable exchange and crescendo of energy throughout the show.

Fuerza Bruta moves seamlessly from being beautiful and breathtaking to loud and dynamic.  The show is sexy, unexpected, sensual, active, vibrant, entertaining and colorful.  Though it is full of tricks, it didn’t feel gimmicky.  I left the theatre feeling a bit more alive than when I entered.

If you are severely claustrophobic or can’t physically stand for an hour, you might not want to go.  Everyone else, wear comfortable shoes, open your mind to a new type of theatre and prepare for an hour like no other.

Watch a video preview here and buy tickets here.