As a rule, I do not do giveaways and product reviews on Whipped. But, one of my favorite things about rules is finding a good reason to break them. So, here we go…

Keith-urban copy

The Deal: Giving two Whipped readers 2 tickets each to a concert this Sunday, June 19th at 5 p.m. at Soldier Field in Chicago. Keith Urban and the Dixie Chicks are opening for The Eagles.  And that’s not all… you will also get passes to a meet and greet event with Keith Urban.

The Reason: As I said, I don’t usually respond to offers for blog giveaways and product reviews.  Frankly, I don’t have time to sort through all the management of the emails I get about opportunities and mostly, I just like to keep Whipped as a place where I have fun writing and interacting with readers.

But, just as I was sending my short, friendly rejection to a kind lady representing KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, I hesitated. I read further. I was intrigued. I decided to break my rule.  During the past week, I have been touched by the positive comments on my previous post.  I’m feeling thankful for the kindness of my readers.  And, I realized that there are likely a few of you that might love going to a concert this Sunday for free and perhaps some of you that might be even more excited about the prospect of getting close enough to Keith Urban to smell Nicole Kidman’s perfume.  So, I decided that if I had the ability to help you do that, I would.

I work in marketing and I understand the deal with partnerships, advertising, spin, links and traffic.  Frankly, it has become a difficult world for marketing with endless forms of communication, short attention spans and TiVo’s ability to skip commercials.  And now, companies are relying on bloggers of all types to help deliver a message and they really have no control over what we will say.

Okay, boring commentary aside, KC Masterpiece (as in BBQ sauce) is sponsoring Keith’s concert tour.  They are the ones who are generous enough to give you a chance to win these tickets.  Their pitch is “The Real Deal.”  Are you authentic just like KC Masterpiece BBQ and Keith Urban?!  Let’s play along…

The Method: Leave a comment on this post letting me know you are interested in the tickets and if you feel like it, tell us what the “Real Deal” in your life is (i.e. your favorite old jeans, your volunteer work, your love of animals).  On Friday at 10 a.m., I will use to choose the two winners.  Two tickets will be waiting for each of you at the concert on Sunday and Keith Urban just might be waiting for you back stage with a heaping plate of BBQ chicken.  Let’s see how this goes.

For additional chances to win tickets, go here.
Read more about the concert here.

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19 Responses to “Concert Ticket Giveaway”

  1. Denise Vasser Says:

    Tickets. My real deal is the man I have been madly in love with for 44 years. We lived around the block from each other, childhood sweethearts, met at 14. Of couse, over all that time we have had our ups and downs, but many more ups. I have a blessed life.

  2. Courtney Says:

    I love this giveaway! My real deal is my husband – I don’t know what I would do without him, he truly makes me a better person! And – even better – he makes me laugh more than anyone else in the world!

  3. Geyer M. Says:

    No Way!! What an AWESOME giveaway!! My real deal is I love the Dixie Chicks!! Oh, and any and all ethnic grocery stores!!

  4. Jenni Alvarez Says:

    My real deal is the love of my husband and children. My family is the most important thing.
    Oh and of course winning tickets to see The Dixie Chicks would make a great belated anniversary gift. :) We celebrated 13 years of marriage on June 7th.

  5. Lindsey Says:

    My real deal is my parents – they are awesome and the biggest Eagles fans I know! My dad still talks about how during college he traded his favorite leather jacket for a pair of tickets so he could take my mom to see them. I’d love to win these as a gift for them!

  6. Jodi Says:

    How neat, I’d like to go! My real deal is pursuing happiness and balance.

  7. LeeAnn Says:

    Tickets please! My real deal is my newly adopted dog named T-Rex, I rescued him from the pound and he is a true blessing in desguise..
    If I knew how to add a picture of him on here I would!

  8. Erika Says:

    Tickets!!! Yes. My real deal is trying to survive school right now. For reals. Survive and afford. aiaiaiai. but i also love summer and chicago and the lake. for real.

  9. Whitney Says:

    Tickets to Keith urban!!!! My real deal is my live for making thing in my kitchen to those who I love.

  10. Laura Says:

    Family is the real deal in my life. If it wasn’t for my family I would be a hot mess. My sisters are always there for help with the kids, my mom is always there for a quick meal, and my husband keeps me laughing through constant craziness. I love my family and because of them I couldn’t love my life more!

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  12. christina Says:

    My real deal is my love of food – i live it, work with it, sleep and dream of it and am constantly thinking up new ideas and sharing them with others (as well as their plates!). Nothing is better than spreading love with food! <3

  13. Brian Says:

    Family and fun are my real deal. Been an Eagles since Hotel California was spinning on my mom’s turntable! Would dig taking her to see a great nite of music on the lakefront.

  14. remebero Says:

    Well, not entirely free but almost free tix. Get discount code and coupons code for Keith Urban and the Dixie Chicks tickets from this site:

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  16. Sarah Says:

    I went to her concert two weeks ago and the geaernl admission didn’t fill up very quick, I don’t think you have to go REALLY early. Tons of people took their time getting drinks and stuff. Have fun at the show! It was the best night of my life =)I’m going again in March and this time getting geaernl admission, it’s going to be GREAT

  17. WordPress › Error Says:

    It is no wonder why they are one of the most beloved bands of
    all time. I don’t know all of the ways money is being made off of their intellectual property. So many dichotomies They are perpetual adolescents who are in their mid-thirties and staring down the barrel of the big 4-0. Just off I-66 in Prince William County has a noise ordinance in place that forces music at jiffy lube live to find out!

  18. pickle Says:

    omg i scream when i saw this i was like mommy we have to do this or im gonna die litteraly

  19. pickle Says:

    their the best in the whole entire world i have to win

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