Mr. Whipped has been wondering, if not slightly perturbed, why one of our kitchen cupboards has been accumulating empty oatmeal containers throughout the year.

A few years ago, I wrapped some pretty paper around an oatmeal container and shipped some oatmeal chocolate chips along to a friend.  With a parchment liner and some padding if needed, an oatmeal container makes a perfect cookie carrier!  This year, my creative friend Ebony of Snow & Graham has applied her touch and taken cookie gifting to a new level (above photo compliments of Ebony.) She wrapped her delightful holiday wrap around the cylindar, added a handwritten label atop and included one of her best cookie recipes on her new recipe cards.  (Not only is she a wildly talented designer, that girl can bake!)

When filling the cookie containers, I think it is best to stick with traditional round, flat cookies that are just under the size of the oatmeal cylinder.  This may take a practice batch because different recipes will flatten more than others so I can’t give an exact dough amount for each cookie.  Mixing a bunch of different sized cookies doesn’t work as well as they move and bump and break.  But, smaller cookies that are all the same can be loaded inside in a friendly heap with a touch of bubble padding on top and bottom if needed.


What you need:

small oatmeal cylinder or similar container
wrapper paper
double stick tape (preferred) or glue stick
parchment paper (preferred or wax paper)
ribbon, round labels or other adornment (optional)

1. If you don’t have oatmeal containers, you can always buy a few and empty oatmeal into ziplocks for future use. Grits and cornmeal also come in similar size containers. Consider oatmeal cookies to immediately get rid of some of your supply!

2. Lay a sheet of your favorite paper on a table.  Put the cylindar on the side with the seam down.  Mark the top and bottom of the container to measure height of paper needed. Roll the container along the paper until you get to the seam again.  Add a few inches and mark the paper.  Cut your rectangle.

3. Wrap the paper around the cylinder and make any adjustments to the size. Adhere the paper around the container with double stick tape or a glue stick.

4. Line the inside with parchment paper either folding to fit or measuring the same way you did the decorative paper. If you are shipping cookies, you may want to consider a layer of small bubble wrap first and then the parchment.

5. Fill container with cookies (see ideas below). Add parchment and if needed, padding at top. Replace oatmeal container lid.

6. Use a round label on top or a decorative circle of paper. Use ribbon or other adornments to decorate the tube of cookies.

Need cookie recipe ideas? Some of my favorites:
“Neiman Marcus” Oatmeal Chocolate Chip – sturdy and they ship pretty well too.
Giant Ginger Snaps – These fit perfectly in the containers!
The Best White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies
Spiders – These are sturdy so a heap of them does well inside the container.
Snicker Doodles – These are delicate so better for hand delivery versus shipping.
Kourabiethes, Greek Butter Cookies – These also do better hand delivered as they get a bit messy with the sugar.

Last but most certainly not least, (I am sure that some of you have scanned the entire post looking for this information after reading the title) Ebony has generously offered to send one lucky Whipped reader a package of her adorable recipe cards. To win, just leave a comment on this post before end of day this Friday, December 10th. A winner will be randomly selected.

Happy Holiday Baking!