Consider this the first guest post from Mini Whipped.  Just a few months from her 3rd birthday, she is ready to share her favorite recipes with the world.

Whipped: I took this pretty picture of one of your favorite foods so we can teach other people how to make them.

Mini Whipped: Oooh, you mean Sweet Potato French Fries?

Whipped: That’s right. You usually help me make them and then gobble them all up so can you tell people how we do it?

Mini Whipped: I can’t do the cutting up. Mommy do it. I just sit on the counter.

Whipped: That’s right, we peel the potatoes and then cut them up in thin pieces. Then we put them in a bowl, right?

Mini Whipped: Yeah, that’s right, with olive oil!

Whipped: And what do we do then?

Mini Whipped: Then toss, toss, toss.

Whipped: WIth your hands?

Mini Whipped: Yes Mommy! And then they get olive oil all over them and my hands, they get so sticky.

Whipped: Isn’t that the fun part?

Mini Whipped: But what’s after that? What do we do with cooking then?

Whipped: Do we do a sprinkle?

Mini Whipped: Oh yeah, shake, shake and sprinkle sprinkle. Sure do. But what do we do next after we sprinkle?

Whipped: We put them on a baking sheet and then we do a sprinkle of sea salt all over.

Mini Whipped: Yeah Mommy, on the pan and then cook!

Whipped: Do you put them in the oven?

Mini Whipped: Nooooo…. too hot. Mommy do it.

Whipped: Yes, I put them in a hot oven, about 400 degrees and cook about 40 minutes, tossing them around once in between. They are done when they are a little browned on the edges and sides and a fork slides in easily.

Mini Whipped: (puzzled look)

Whipped: Then we get to eat them, right?

Mini Whipped: Yum yum yum, eat them all up!

Whipped: Thanks for helping teach this recipe today. Think you can help again sometime and share the other things you like to eat?

Mini Whipped: Sure do. Like broccoli and sweet potatoes and everything I need to cook and eat.