Consider this the first guest post from Mini Whipped.  Just a few months from her 3rd birthday, she is ready to share her favorite recipes with the world.


Whipped: I took this pretty picture of one of your favorite foods so we can teach other people how to make them.

Mini Whipped: Oooh, you mean Sweet Potato French Fries?

Whipped: That’s right. You usually help me make them and then gobble them all up so can you tell people how we do it?

Mini Whipped: I can’t do the cutting up. Mommy do it. I just sit on the counter.

Whipped: That’s right, we peel the potatoes and then cut them up in thin pieces. Then we put them in a bowl, right?

Mini Whipped: Yeah, that’s right, with olive oil!

Whipped: And what do we do then?

Mini Whipped: Then toss, toss, toss.

Whipped: WIth your hands?

Mini Whipped: Yes Mommy! And then they get olive oil all over them and my hands, they get so sticky.

Whipped: Isn’t that the fun part?

Mini Whipped: But what’s after that? What do we do with cooking then?

Whipped: Do we do a sprinkle?

Mini Whipped: Oh yeah, shake, shake and sprinkle sprinkle. Sure do. But what do we do next after we sprinkle?

Whipped: We put them on a baking sheet and then we do a sprinkle of sea salt all over.

Mini Whipped: Yeah Mommy, on the pan and then cook!

Whipped: Do you put them in the oven?

Mini Whipped: Nooooo…. too hot. Mommy do it.

Whipped: Yes, I put them in a hot oven, about 400 degrees and cook about 40 minutes, tossing them around once in between. They are done when they are a little browned on the edges and sides and a fork slides in easily.

Mini Whipped: (puzzled look)

Whipped: Then we get to eat them, right?

Mini Whipped: Yum yum yum, eat them all up!

Whipped: Thanks for helping teach this recipe today. Think you can help again sometime and share the other things you like to eat?

Mini Whipped: Sure do. Like broccoli and sweet potatoes and everything I need to cook and eat.

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19 Responses to “Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries”

  1. Maddie Says:

    Your daughter sounds like a darling…seems she’s just as interested in cooking as you are, too! Love this guest post.

  2. Kath Says:

    The timing on this is perfect. I wanted some sweet potato fries for dinner and now I know how to do them! (I was going to try deep frying them…) Many thanks to Mini!!

  3. Betty Gauthier Says:

    What a delightful post! Mini-whipped, you are certain to grow up to be a talented cook just like your mommy. Thank you for sharing your recipe with our family. We just LOVE sweet potato fries.

  4. foodies at home Says:

    So precious! What a fun treat and thank you for sharing your sweet little family with us!

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  6. Caroline Shields Says:

    Kudos for beautiful oven sweet potato fries. Mine never turn out that well.

  7. The Rowdy Chowgirl Says:

    Awww! So cute! And the fries look great.

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  9. Summersweet Farm Says:

    How adorable! My daughter’s 2 1/2 right now and I bet she would love these!

  10. Courtney Says:

    This is SO sweet! I Love it!!!

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  12. The Food Hound Says:

    Haha! I love it!! You are teaching her well! I love sweet potato fries!

  13. Dana Says:

    Too cute! It’s great that you’re involving her with food, it’s so important to have a good relationship with it from early on.

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  16. Speckle of Dirt Says:

    These look wonderful. The work of cutting them all up is worth it. Thanks for the delightful converstion to go along with the recipe!

  17. Erin A. Says:

    How precious! What do you put on yours? I just posted my recipe today and it’s sweet potatoes and has garlic, fresh rosemary, salt, pepper and egg white. They were DELISH and healthy! Curious what you do…trying new variations is fun!

  18. Monica and Anthony Says:

    Reading this made me laugh. Sweet Pot Fries are the only way Anthony will eat veggies without them being hidden in something else, so we make them regularly. I love that she will sit on the counter while you cut! Anthony could never sit on the counter, next to the knives like V does without feeling the need to create a new martial arts discipline. I remember noting this while she ate berries at the house when we visited this past summer. She’s a doll!

  19. niki Says:

    I just made them last night but they were sticking to the pan and mushy. I poured some olive oil over them and put them in the oven at 400 for 45 min. They were coated well with the oil.

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