Homemade one-pot comfort food dishes delivered to your door with a fine baguette by a man named David who calls himself Johnny? Right up my alley.

Our kitchen is glowing with the love of others. We are so fortunate that our lives are filled with people willing to offer support through delicious food. I haven’t cooked once in two weeks!

My dear friend Stephanie was even able to treat us to warm comfort food from Colorado. Her secret? Johnny Casserole. Chicagoans…grab your pencils or bookmark this page. Live elsewhere and know people in the Windy City? THIS is your solution for new moms, healing friends and lazy dinner parties.

David, the owner of Johnny Casserole, cooked this food, arranged delivery and showed up at my door himself. He even called to follow up and find out if we liked his food. I am quite sure that in the coming months or years, he will be so successful that I will be able to say, “I first got his casseroles when he delivered them himself!”

We all agreed that the biscuit-topped chicken pot pie was the best we had ever tasted. It wasn’t too goopy and was filled with broccoli, chicken and carrots. He even included a small cup of buttermilk to brush on top before baking. Though we haven’t tried the Shephard’s Pie yet, my palate awaits with eager anticipation. And, it won’t be long until I order his Mac & Cheese, otherwise known as For Your Thighs Only. Peruse the full menu here.

Thank you Steph for introducing us to Johnny. Thank you Johnny for warming and filling our tummies. You got it right buddy… here is to a big future.