My latest and coolest accessory this spring? My Camelbak® Groove is going everywhere with me as I attempt to stay better hydrated.

I am always struggling to drink enough water. I get busy, forget, don’t have a vessel… a dozen excuses. When I do manage to stay hydrated I feel better, my skin looks better and I eat less. Like my organizational systems, I have found that if I try to  mix up my water consumption methods a bit, I am able to stay on my toes and keep on track.

A few summers ago, I was preparing these pitchers of sexy water. Then I made a rule that I had to drink a full glass of water before every meal or snack. When the folks at CamelBak® asked if I wanted to try the new CamelBak® Groove™, I agreed and decided I would carry it with me everywhere I go and see if I could increase my water intake.

Having a cool, aqua colored water bottle is nice. Having one with a built in water filter? Even nicer. The little white tube that you can see inside is a carbon water filter that freshens up your water with every sip. Don’t go dipping your bottle into a nearby river or anything, it doesn’t remove dangerous or harmful substances but it does make tap water taste better.

If you have used a CamelBak® before, you are probably familiar with the bite down, straw system. It keeps water from spilling when the bottle tips and it is pleasing and soothing to drink from (as a mom of a 3 month old, I can’t help but notice some similarities.) The downsides for me are that I am a bit lazy about remembering to pull off the straw piece and really clean it as well as it should be cleaned. And, I am not sure I will remember to change the filter inside every 3 months. But, those are minor concerns compared to the fact that I AM drinking more water. AND, it is tasting better. AND, i am not purchasing wasteful bottled water. AND, everyone in my Masters Swimming group thought my water bottle was cool!! :)

So, you want one? Well, I am giving away 5 of them. Just leave a comment about your water drinking and hydration habits, problems or thoughts and you just might find yourself toting around a Camelbak® Groove™ like me. At the end of the day Tuesday, I’ll randomly choose 5 winners. Happy hydrating.