Have a fruit fly problem? Here is your solution.

Thank you to those who continue to visit despite my infrequent recipes and ideas. I have been cooking, eating and photographing with the intention of posting. But, as often happens during summer, I choose to spend all extra time outside playing in the yard, gardening, swimming or drinking cold beer on the porch rather than working on the computer.

Today, I come to you with a quick tip. Do you have a fruit fly problem? I seem to have brought an entire community of them into the house last week on some extra ripe bananas I bought for making baby food. Luckily, I remember a trick my dear friend Stephanie taught me. Remove the fruit that is causing the problem or put ripe fruit in the refrigerator. Leave a cup of apple cider vinegar on the counter for a day or two. Done deal. Fruit flies go for the last swim and your kitchen is fruit fly free.