There are very few things that bring as much universal delight as blowing bubbles. We were especially excited to find that “bubbles work on rainy days.”

There is something magical about bubbles. I have yet to meet a kid that doesn’t have an undeniable urge to chase and pop them. Even most adults seem to benefit from lifted spirits as they watch the soapy spheres skip around. Last summer during an outdoor party, our neighbor lent us a bubble machine that produced a steady stream of dancing bubbles. A dozen kids chased back and forth across the lawn pushing beyond their exhaustion until the machine ran out of solution. Sometimes, we were surprised by a bubble in a bubble, which mesmerized the entire crowd.

After purchasing a number of bottles of bubble solution this summer, I became determined to start making our own. We had a number of false starts and learned that the brand of dishwashing liquid DOES matter. And, it seems that Chicago’s tap water isn’t the best for bubbles. Distilled water offered much better results.

Summer isn’t over yet! Make yourself a large batch and start blowing, chasing, laughing and popping… even on rainy days.

The Best Homemade Bubble Solution

1 cup distilled water
6 Tablespoons Joy brand dishwashing liquid
2 Tablespoons glycerin


Stir all ingredients together gently in the bowl. It’s bubble time!

p.s. If you are REALLY feeling ambitious, try making this giant bubble blowing contraption.