There is something very satisfying about a good numbered list. Here are a few things that have been on my mind and have been tickling my desire.


1. La Creuset Classic 11-piece in Green

The cool weather is whispering sweet messages in my ear and it is saying that it is time to start cooking things slow and long. I have always covetedĀ  La Creuset cookware. For some reason, I have never pulled the trigger and bought myself any. During a little work break, I browsed through the website and let out a little audible gasp when I came across this set. Now I don’t want just one dutch oven, I want to build a new visible shelf in my kitchen to showcase this lovely family of cast iron. It could change my winter cooking for years to come!

2.Chai Tea Glasses with Carrier

We stumbled into a cute store in Lincoln Park last weekend called The Green Goddess Boutique. The vintage chandeliers in the window first caught my eye. Upon entering, we found additional treasures including sets of little glasses in wire carriers.The boutique clerk explained that they were chai tea carriers. (I had imagined carrying good bourbon around a standing room only party!) When you aren’t using them to serve something sip-able, you could use them flowers like they did here. What I really wish is that this set with a green carrier was still available. See a pattern emerging? I am in a blue/green phase.


3. One-of-a-Kind Dresses from Six Two Designs

This summer at the new art festival focusing on recycled materials, Ravenswood Remix, I found Lori Horne. She makes the coolest, greenest fashion I have come across yet. Lori designs and sews clothing made out of old t-shirts. This idea could easily be executed poorly but her keen eye and sense for sewing yield some awesome dresses. I fell in love with this blue number, especially because it says Chicago Joe’s on my right “cheek.” What a way to wear city pride! I also coveted a handful of her black dresses with more of a rock ‘n’ roll feel. I wore this dress yesterday and due to its comfort level (think pajamas at work) I am dreaming of buying another. Check out her etsy store. And, if you are in Chicago, she may be able to meet you to show you are current styles.

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8 Responses to “Wednesday Wish List”

  1. Julie Boniecki Says:

    I am also a big fan of Lori Horne, Six Two Designs and her wonderful recycled eco friendly clothing. I love that each piece is unique and you will know that no one else will be wearing the same scarf, dress teeshmina wrap, or shirt as yours. Her styles are for every woman-student, mom-on-the-go, traveler, retiree. Big fan that you wash and wear!

  2. Kathryn | Dramatic Pancake Says:

    Green Goddess Boutique is adorable!! So funny, I’ve read your about section before but must have missed that you’re in Chicago! I live in Lincoln Park. Nice to know another local blogger :)

  3. Maria Says:

    Is “Green Goddess Boutique” tied in with Goddess & the Grocer?

  4. kitchen countertops Says:

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  5. Tracey Says:

    I am SO with you on the lust for Le Creuset! I get all verklempt just imagining a full set of flaming orange cookware. I’m in Chicago too – kinda new here – and will definitely check out the Green Goddess Boutique!

  6. Jennifer Lane Says:

    Every single time I wear a Six Two Design I am stopped and asked, “Where did you get that?” whether I’m sporting a wrap or dress. I love spreading the good word of Six Two. It’s a bonus the pieces are AFFORDABLE and versatile!!

  7. beleye Says:

    Ooooh! I never saw them in green. How beautiful!

  8. tg Says:

    i have some le creuset pieces that i love very much. however, i’m very sad to say that everything is made in china. i didn’t look into it further, but i also didn’t care to further invest. such a pity.

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