This week, you can delight a pink lover in your life by treating them to the show Pinkalicious: The Musical. Keep reading to find a pinkerrific ticket deal.

You may have read the pink cupcake post that I wrote after Mini Whipped’s 3rd birthday. I bent to her wishes to create a world of pink and produced triple pink cupcakes for her celebration, dug deep in to my wardrobe to find pink clothes and even choked down Pepto Bismal colored pink pancakes with a smile.

When I received an invitation to see Pinkalicious: The Musical, which is now playing in Chicago, I knew by name alone that we would make the show a priority item on our agenda. After reading the synopsis, I quickly realized that I was not the only mom with a pink-loving toddler with an affinity for pink cupcakes.

A few weekends ago, we traveled downtown with a friend and her son to see the musical. Before the show, we had a bit of time to enjoy the lobby craft stations before parking ourselves in second row seats in front of all the action. The lights dimmed, the music started and what ensued was a musical written, designed and performed to tickle every part of a little girl’s psyche. Mini Whipped’s toddler date and boyfriend seemed somewhat amused and behaved well but showed less edge-of-the-seat awe during musical numbers about extreme passion for pink.

I would be lying if I said I was equally enraptured by the show. I was more entertained by studying the faces of the younger members of the audience who were indeed the target market. After about 40 minutes into the action, the natives were beginning to get restless. But, whoever wrote this expression of pink fervor must have been familiar with children’s attention spans because just about then, the cast appeared in even “pinker” costumes and burst into a reprise of all the musical numbers.

Dancing, glowing pink cupcakes, flashy wigs, knee socks, best friends, a jazz singing doctor, crisis, solution, conclusion. Pinkalicious was a memorable event for Mini Whipped and me.

If you are interested in going to the show, you can buy two tickets for $35 through October 28th. Click here for tickets and use the code PINK.