A January-in-Chicago kind of picnic.

Winter sometimes requires a little ingenuity to keep one from feeling cooped up. Though it is my daughter that inspires some of my crazy ideas, my spirit has also been benefiting from the fun. So far, this winter has been one of the mildest I can remember so I can’t complain. Perhaps it is because of the frequent sun and 40 degree spells that I still have the energy to make the major snow days a fun treat.

Last week, after a big snowfall, we played reindeer and pulled the girls about a half mile in their sleds to a local coffee shop where we wrapped our hands around warm drinks before heading home. It was a memorable winter adventure and a fantastic workout.

Today, we had another snow storm bringing about 7 inches in 8 hours. While retrieving Mini Whipped from school, Baby Whipped fell asleep in her car seat. Since the “transfer” to crib normally doesn’t work, I decided we needed to find a way to spend more time in the car. I announced that we were having a picnic for lunch.

Mini Whipped was curious and excited. We found a drive-thru, headed to lake Michigan and parked our car as close to the water as we could. Perhaps most exciting of all, Mini Whipped was allowed to sit in the front seat. We talked about how the marina water became frozen when the big lake was not, we watched the dozens of Canada geese sleeping on the ice and we wrote our names in the condensation that formed on the windows. It was fun. Really fun. Though today was our first winter car picnic, it will not be our last.