The best cookie in the country, huh? Why don’t you be the judge of that.

These little cookies have a lot  to prove. I don’t participate in giveaways (other than books) that often on Whipped but when I read about Tate’s Bake Shop cookies, I wanted to put them to the test. Some of the accolades include:

– Best Cookie In America, Consumer Reports 2011
– Top Honors Fancy Food Show 2011
– America’s Best Tasting Cookie, Everyday with Rachael Ray

So, I gave Tate’s Bakeshop Cookies a try. My conclusion? I have decided that “chocolate chip cookies” is too broad of a category for me to choose one favorite. This cookie was about the best crunchy, thin chocolate I’ve ever had. But is it best in show? Well, that depends on overall chocolate chip cookie preference.

I love a little gooey in the center of my cookie surrounded but perfect buttery crunch. And, I’m a sucker for the massive Carols Cookies but I think their size and consistency put them in a category all their own, hardly comparable to Tate’s thin, crunchy disks.

For me, the story and people behind the food make a difference and I enjoyed learning that Kathleen began selling her cookies at age 11 to neighbors. Eventually, her cookies helped get herself through college and now they not only support her family but likely many other families judging by the size of her company.

Want to put some Tate’s Bake Shop chocolate chips to your test? Leave a comment and tell me about your favorite chocolate chip cookie and on Friday I’ll randomly choose a winner.