The best cookie in the country, huh? Why don’t you be the judge of that.

These little cookies have a lot  to prove. I don’t participate in giveaways (other than books) that often on Whipped but when I read about Tate’s Bake Shop cookies, I wanted to put them to the test. Some of the accolades include:

- Best Cookie In America, Consumer Reports 2011
- Top Honors Fancy Food Show 2011
- America’s Best Tasting Cookie, Everyday with Rachael Ray

So, I gave Tate’s Bakeshop Cookies a try. My conclusion? I have decided that “chocolate chip cookies” is too broad of a category for me to choose one favorite. This cookie was about the best crunchy, thin chocolate I’ve ever had. But is it best in show? Well, that depends on overall chocolate chip cookie preference.

I love a little gooey in the center of my cookie surrounded but perfect buttery crunch. And, I’m a sucker for the massive Carols Cookies but I think their size and consistency put them in a category all their own, hardly comparable to Tate’s thin, crunchy disks.

For me, the story and people behind the food make a difference and I enjoyed learning that Kathleen began selling her cookies at age 11 to neighbors. Eventually, her cookies helped get herself through college and now they not only support her family but likely many other families judging by the size of her company.

Want to put some Tate’s Bake Shop chocolate chips to your test? Leave a comment and tell me about your favorite chocolate chip cookie and on Friday I’ll randomly choose a winner.

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82 Responses to “Cookie Giveaway”

  1. amy chien Says:

    My favorite choco chip cookies are from Tiny Boxwoods in Houston, TX. They’re not too thin, but not too soft either! And lots and LOTS of chocolate chips. I would LOVE to try some of Tate’s bakeshop to see if maybe I like thin cookies too! Thanks!!

  2. Ilene Says:

    I love all homemade chocolate chip cookies. I’ve heard about Tate’s and I would love to try them.

  3. ileana Says:

    I recently found a recipe for chocolate chip cookies with sea salt. Totally addictive!

  4. Donna Says:

    I am an avid baker and have tried so many chocolate chip recipes and this may come as a surprise but the most consistent one is the Nestle’s tollhouse chocolate chip recipe. I would love to try Tate’s as I have heard a lot of raves about them.

  5. Meagan B Says:

    My current favorite chocolate chip cookie is the whole wheat recipe from Good to the Grain. It definitely doesn’t taste like it has any nutritional value!

  6. Jessica Bonanno Says:

    I would say my fave recipe would be Nestle’s Tollhouse. But seriously, I don’t think I have met a chocolate chip cookie that I don’t like!

  7. Cindy B. Says:

    My favorite chocolate chip cookie are chewy, and have oatmeal, walnuts or pecan in them.

  8. Heather Says:

    I love those no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies!

  9. Samantha B Says:

    ahhh these look incredible! honestly i’ve tried so many cookies in my life i can’t even choose! damn the nestle tollhouse with a few extra chips are pretty phenomenal (i agree other commentators). you know a scary addiction are those buckets of baby choco chip cookies from trader joes. not the best certainly but oh wow so yum.

  10. erinn johnson Says:

    I love the levain’s from nyc. they are the best i have ever had.

  11. sara Says:

    My favorite chocolate chip cookies is the 10% whole wheat version from Good to the Grain.

  12. amy marantino Says:

    i like the Nestle Tollhouse cookie, with M&M’s added

  13. Susan Says:

    I love any homemade chocolate chip cookies and would love to try Tate’s.

  14. Ruth Says:

    Chocolate Chip cookies should be crunchy and chocolaty and it is ok with me if I can taste butter. ;)

  15. Stacey Sarros Says:

    I like white macadamia chocolate chip cookies!!!!!!!! YUMMO!! Bring it on for me to try Tate’s!! I LOVE the challenge!

  16. Kathryn Says:

    So funny that someone mentioned that the Nestlé recipe is the best! I am obsessed with chocolate chip cookies and have made every recipe under the sun. In fact a few years ago I made four different recipes and had a blind taste test with my family and friends. Guess who won? The Nestlé toll house recipe! It is also one of the easiest to make. Very interested in trying the Tate’s!

  17. Meredith Says:

    I have two go-to chocolate chip cookie recipes: Leite’s recipe from the New York Times for when I want a sweeter cookie and I have time to let the dough chill for about a day, or the America’s Test Kitchen brown butter chocolate chip cookies for when I want something with a little more depth!

  18. DJ Sartin Says:

    Like so many others I have tried so very many choc chip cookies over the years…am sixty nine years Yet have always enjoyed the original Nestles Toll House the most! Would be willing to put these to the taste test tho…ya never know unless you try!

  19. sara l Says:

    Lately my favorite choc chip cookies are my own made from ATK recipe. But I am always happy to try others in the name of research.

    PS I’ve been making the carrot ginger soup from your blog on a weekly basis all winter! thank you!

  20. Kel Says:

    I love the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from my childhood!

  21. abbi Says:

    I love all but you can’t wrong with the Nestle TollHouse!

  22. Shari Says:

    I usually make a modified version of Nestle’s, my preference is chewy with crispy centers, but really any chocolate chip cookie will do! I tried Tate’s once a long time ago, and thought I would hate the crispy-ness, but they were totally addicting.

  23. carrie Says:

    my friend lauren makes the best chocolate chip cookies. just the right amount of salt to cut the sweet. the best.

  24. Julie Says:

    I make a modified Nestle’s chocolate chip cookie. I just leave out one egg and am particularly picky with my butter’s molecular integrity. I would love to try Tate’s!

  25. Stephanie C. Says:

    My favorite cookie is a cookie that melts in my mouth. Mainly go for a chewy chocolate chip cookie.

  26. Jacques Says:

    My grandmother’s were the best ever. Thin enough that the chocolate chips left little mounds but thick enough to retain their soft centers even after they cooled.

  27. Jess @ Floptimism Says:

    I don’t know if there’s such a thing as “the perfect” chocolate chip cookie recipe. I love the thin and crispy-chewy ones I grew up with, but then I go and eat a soft, pillowy one and think nothing could top it. There’s definitely room in my heart for more than one recipe!

  28. Lisa Says:

    my recipe for strawberry white chocolate chip!

  29. lynn @ the actor's diet Says:

    the best chocolate chip cookie i’ve ever made – had figs and pudding mix in it!

  30. karen shaughnessy Says:

    I like homemade coconut chocolate chip cookies the best, especially when they are warm and gooey.

  31. Laurell H Says:

    I love the chocolate chip cookie recipe from Cooks Illustrated. Being one of those people who can’t cook off the cuff, I always try to go to the experts, and these cookies are carmely (brown sugar), crispy on the edges (butter, and oh so chocolatey (dark chocolate chips). My favorite of all time.

  32. Stolk Says:

    One of my faves is “Positively the Absolute Best Chocolate Chip Cookies” (that’s really what they’re called) from Maida Heatter’s 1978 Book of Great Chocolate Desserts. This is a crisp cookie through and through– great for dunking in milk.

  33. linda Says:

    Love Cook’s Illustrated, too, (on my Christmas list every year) but Tate’s are GREAT!

  34. Sara P. Says:

    I love my mom’s chocolate chip cookies. They are perfectly chewy!

  35. Jenny H Says:

    My favorite chocolate chip cookie is Alton Brown’s The Chewy. I have tried many recipes but now these are the only chocolate chip cookies I will make.

  36. dougie freshie Says:

    My favorite is the dark walnut chocolate chip at the harvest bread
    Company in chapel hill nc its the size of my face and chewy good!
    Go tarheels beat Duke next time!

  37. Mary Says:

    The BEST chocolate chip cookies are chewy and soft, and preferable hot out of the oven.

  38. wintor Says:

    I grew up with a mother whose preference was the thin crispy chocolate chip cookie but oh…the ones with a crispy edge that creeps toward the gooey center are definitely my favorite now.

  39. Sarah Says:

    I too love a crisp edge but a soft middle. I really love the Pioneer Woman’s Malted Milk Chocolate Chip cookie recipe but you have to bake them perfectly, otherwise they get too crispy :)

  40. Kelly D Says:

    Nothing can beat the Toll House recipe for me.

  41. nic Says:

    all-time favorite choc chip cookies? those chewy discs of perfection from Paradise Bakery.

  42. robin Says:

    I love dark chocolate chips with loads of pecans or walnuts. Not too hard, but not too soft.

  43. Lauri Says:

    Sadly I just love the toll house recipe. Everyone still makes them taste different. So strange! Would love to try these.

  44. erin Says:

    My favorite chocolate chip cookies are from a place called Tiff’s Treats in Austin, Texas. Perfectly gooey, with just enjoy buttery salty goodness to take the edge off the sweet and fully round out the flavor.

  45. Sophia Says:

    Lovee those frozen nestle tollhouse cookies that you can just pop in the oven! Sometimes I make them for breakfast… :P

  46. Ellen Dean Says:

    My favorite cookie right now is chocolate covered cooie dough.

  47. Linda B. Says:

    I’m a big fan of Jacques Torres’s recipe.

  48. Debby G. Says:

    i love the Nestle Tollhouse cookie.

  49. Heather E Says:

    I love chocolate chip cookies with sea salt! So addictive!

  50. Donna O'Neil Says:

    I love homemade chocolate chip cookies. I like them on the crispy side with nuts.

  51. Dan Says:

    It’s the NYT recipe that sits for a few days in the fridge, with one modification: swap out a few tablespoons of butter for bacon fat.

  52. Jenna Z Says:

    Is it cheating to say my favorite is just eating the dough?? :) I like a chewy cookie, massive, gooey and nearly unbaked in the center, no thin and crispy for me. But I know someone who LOVES thin and crispy so these would not go to waste!

  53. Paula Says:

    I vote for Tom’s Mom’s Cookies from Harbor Springs, MI. They put UpNorth magic into each and every bite!

  54. Cee Says:

    My favorite to date has been Uncle Eddie’s vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. So good!

  55. coco Says:

    The best cookies in the world are made at Levain Bakery in NYC. Sooo soo magical. But I find a way to love most chocolate chip cookies :)

  56. Ashley Says:

    My favorite chocolate chip cookie is a simple chocolate chip cookie with a little lava salt on top. A girlfriend made these for a friend’s baby shower.

  57. Sarah van Loon Says:

    Tates and A Silver Palate’s chocolate chip cookies (recipes, rather) are currently tied for my favorites – it would be such a treat to actually eat a chocolate chip cookie MADE at Tate’s! Yum!!

  58. Emily W. Says:

    Martha Stewart’s soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe is by far my favorite- I made them for the first time for my family, and by the next morning, they had all but disappeared. I also brought some to work, and my pregnant co-worker ate three. I’m also a sucker for the gooey center with a crisp edge. I would love to try Tate’s version!

  59. Meryl Says:

    For a thin, crispy cookie, I love Tate’s Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies. My favorite homemade ones are Thomas Keller’s – they’re on the thin side, but they’re crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

  60. Louis Says:

    My favorite is my wife’s chocolate chunk cookies.

  61. Jamie Says:

    #1. I love baking. I put on way too much weight during pregnancy by coping/controlling my life through baking. #2. Cookies are one of my two favorite foods. Crab is the other, and while I do have a grand idea for an amazing savory appetizer that has yet to come to fruition, (aka The Crab Cookie), homemade chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. Specifically, Cooks Illustrated’s Perfect Chocolate Cookies…they are little brown-buttered, toffee-esque, choco-chip wonders. As it so often goes with suckers for cookies, we are suckers for cake as well, and so, I found a new favorite recipe in Ina Garten’s Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake. She successfully recycles our old fave of a chocolate chip cookie by using Tate’s amazing chocolate chip cookie. If you’re gonna go store-bought, and put it in a cake, use Tate’s. The below recipe is truly amazing. So amazing, that I hauled my 20 month old son to three different grocery stores to collect as many bags of Tate’s Chocolate Chips as needed to make the recipe to send to my partner’s potluck at work. Well worth it. So good. Enjoy. And thank you, Ina, and thank you Tate’s.

  62. dina Says:

    My mother in law makes awesome chocolate chip cookies!

  63. Jane Says:

    Did you say “Cookie Giveaway”??? I’m all over this one! You know how much the Dutch LOVE their cookies! If I’m going to go for Chocolate Chip, I prefer the gooey center. However, if I’m in the mood for crispy, my #1 choice will always be Speculoos, aka the Dutch Windmill Cookie…paired with a cup of coffee of course! : )

  64. Julie L Says:

    my favorite chocolate chip cookies are the ones my mom makes–she makes
    a cookie with sour cream ,etc. adds the chips soft and delish

  65. Debby V Says:

    My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe is Cooks Illustrated Soft and Chewy recipe

  66. Ashley K Says:

    My mother used to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch that were amazing. I’ve love to find a company that makes them just as delicious!

  67. Rachel Says:

    I love chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate and sea salt.

  68. rebecca Says:

    I really like Kim Boyce’s chocolate chip cookie recipe in ‘Good to the Grain’, but honestly I’d probably eat any warm homemade cookie and not complain a bit.

  69. Lisa E Says:

    I love Ina Garten’s chocolate chip cookie recipe without the nuts and a little less chocolate than the recipe says. I love the brown sugary, buttery, chewiness!

  70. JulieB Says:

    My mom’s homemade from a 1970′s magazine recipe. Buttery and delicious!

  71. Lindsay Says:

    My favorite chocolate chip cookie comes from Paradise Bakery (Boston, MA) If you get there early you can order them fresh from the oven – still warm and gooey. It’s perfect with coffee! I call it breakfast many days.

  72. Melissa T. Says:

    My favorite chocolate chip cookie is a recipe I found on browneyedbaker’s blog. It’s the thick and chewy chocolate chip cookie.

  73. gail Says:

    my favorite chocolate chip cookie is the recipe on the toll house bag of chocolate chips

  74. kazue Says:

    the best chocolate chip cookies have mac nuts and coconut

  75. Jessica Says:

    I have such a hard time with cookies because I really switch sides randomly – one moment I like a nice thin, crunchy one while the next moment I can’t stand anything not soft and gooey!
    I would love to win!

  76. Charlotte Says:

    My fav is the tollhouse recipe (memories of childhood) with an adult twist: chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips which means more gooey chocolate when warm out of the oven.

  77. suburban prep Says:

    My favorite cookie is the White Chocolate Chip Cherry cookie that the local grocery store makes. Oh I love love these cookies. They are not too sweet but they are just right. I usually only eat about 1/2 the cookie and save the other half for later (this way I can have it linger the goodness).

  78. pickypicky Says:

    I have a thing about chocolate chip cookies– they have to have that outer crunch and that inner bendy softness, and the chips can’t be too big or chunky. I prefer the kind where you can clearly taste the brown sugar and butter. My faves are from Flying Monkey Bakery in Reading Terminal Market in Philly. :)

  79. Doris Says:

    i would admit that I rarely buy any chocolate chip cookies because they seem to be all dry, which I really dislike! I like it gooey.

  80. Eric Says:

    My mom makes the best cookies ever!

  81. Margot Core Says:

    I bake chocolate chip cookies rather often. I usually use this recipe from Jacques Torres:

    I would like a break though, and those cookies from Tate’s look nice!

  82. Meghan O'Donnell Says:

    My ABSOLUTE favorite chocolate chip cookie is Jacques Torres’ unbelievably delicious recipe. I often find chocolate chip cookies to be overly sweet, but Torres sprinkles a little bit of fleur de sel on top, and the combination of the little salt, the dark chocolate and the buttery cookie is truly brilliant. I can’t think of another chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever liked as much as his recipe (but don’t tell my mom, she’s very proud of her own ccc recipe)!

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