Some kitchen tools hold a special place in my heart.

Do you have a kitchen tool that you feel a particular affinity for? I have a few in my cupboards and drawers that give me an extra smile when I pull them out for use. This microplane is relatively new to my kitchen and has quickly risen to the top of my list.

The main reason I favor this small grating device is the sensory experience it creates. It is an aromatherapy maker. I use it to grate citrus zest, ginger root, parmesan cheese and fresh nutmeg. The wonderful smells waft up and envelop me while the microplane does its work. Compared to a box grater, the grated ingredients are much more delicate. I even adore the soft patch that it leaves on the citrus skin after having expertly removed its fragrant, oily outer layer.

Do you have a love affair with a kitchen tool? ¬†Come on, admit it…