I’ve been slack. Like the increasing mental weight if an overdue library book, my lack of posting has been giving me tinges of guilt and a growing sense of duty to get my act together and update this blog.

In the past years, I’ve come to understand that a working mom can’t have it all. I used to be angry at myself if one of the ten balls I was juggling dropped. Now I am proud that I can keep 8-9 in the air most of the time. I do a pretty good job rotating the commitments and projects that suffer a bit of neglect while I tend to other things. Lately, this blog has repeatedly gotten the short end of the stick.

So many evenings, I’ve started posts or photographed some delectable food. Scraps of paper with ideas and thoughts are tucked in every purse and backpack. But it’s been difficult to pull all the pieces together to post regularly.

I’ve been writing this blog for six years. Recently, I asked myself if perhaps Whipped had run its course and after much consideration, my answer was, “I hope not.”

I’m not sure where I’ll find the time but I’m going to make an effort to reignite my efforts. For those of you who are still paying attention, thank you! I hope that new and veteran visitors have found my recipe archives useful.

New material and inspiration is just around the corner…