It’s hard to believe… we made it through the winter.

Today was over 60 degrees. It felt like heaven. The spring bulbs were NOT killed by the polar vortex! Their stems are already a few inches out of the ground. I can see my backyard! Only a few small patches of ice remain. Sure, there is an ungodly amount of dog poo speckling the parkway and the kids are tracking mud through the house but I DON’T CARE – SPRING IS HERE!

Usually, I have a small tingling of spring fever in my belly. This year, I nearly wept with relief when I walked outside earlier today and realized I didn’t need my coat. Instead of a buzz of readiness, I have a tidal wave of gratitude that Mother Nature has beaten back the cold and that warmth will bring new life once again. Hallelujah

We began thinking about our edible garden and even bought our first packets of seeds. Kale and mixed greens will be planted in the coming weeks. We have a set of beautiful new, green heritage Ball jars and have decided we will do a few pickling cucumber plants along our fence and make different types of pickles. Though I love the gorgeous jars so much, they may do me the favor of holding a few summer cocktails while they await their August, preserving duties.

Are you planning any edible gardening? I would love to hear your ideas – always looking for new inspiration. Happy Spring!