A little slab of bacon on hand = a whole lot of flavor waiting to be unleashed in new places.

I bought this little piece of uncut bacon the other day. I had no plans for it but it seemed like a good thing to have in my refrigerator as the weather cools and comfort foods start calling. We all tend to fall into food and cooking habits. As someone who loves cooking and experimenting, the daily grind requires some no-brainers. Many of us probably buy over half of the same groceries ever week. I try new recipes and buy the required ingredients but rarely do pantry staples and my go-to weekly meals change.

When I bought this smoked meat, I was thinking about how one new ingredient in your repertoire, instead of just a new recipe, could really alter your daily cooking. When I reach for an onion or some garlic, I’ve been remembering this bacon which has been diced, sliced and sizzled into a few of my standbys.

Roasted with brussel sprouts? Yes!
Scrambled with eggs? For sure.
Sliced, fried and inserted into a plain grilled cheese? uh huh.
Sautéed with onion as the start of almost any soup? You bet.

Look for a new spice, grab a few avocados, try a new condiment, buy a small slab of bacon. Push your regular repertoire just a bit out of orbit with something simple and new.

Do you have any favorite ingredient discoveries to share?