Mini Whipped (age 8) and I enjoyed a date at the ballet. Below is my interview with her, reviewing the show.

What was your favorite scene?
The very beginning when Cinderella is dreaming and dancing with the broom because it seemed so peaceful. I also really liked the ball scenes because there was so much dancing, really nice music that went with it, and it was really fun.

Who were your favorite performers and why?
I loved Cinderella because she had really nice costumes and she was beautiful and a good dancer. I liked the two step sisters because they were clumsy and made me laugh. I liked the jester because he was a really good dancer and he was holding a wand in his hand that he used when he danced that made him look really cool.

What did you think of the costumes and the set?
I think that they were absolutely fabulous. The costumes were very detailed. And, there were a lot of white costumes that looked really pretty on stage.

Was the handsome prince actually handsome?
Yes, he was very handsome and a very good dancer.

(Note from Mommy: The part of the prince was played by a dancer from Cuba who was unbelievably handsome.)

Describe the ending scene in 3 words:
Glorious. Graceful. Romantic.

Overall, would you recommend the Joffrey’s performance of Cinderella and why or why not?
Yes, I would definitely recommend it because it was an amazing show and a beautiful performance.

The show runs through this weekend, May 22. Grab some last minute tickets here.