Counter Talk


Counter Talk: Banana Facts of Life

An intergenerational conversation about the facts of banana life. Baby Banana 1: Grandma Banana? Grandma Banana: Yes, my darling. Baby Banana 1: Are we going to grow up to be just like you? Grandma Banana: No litte one. You are as big as yo...
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Newcomer on the Block

My buddy, Chef Stephen Gibbs, recently joined the food blog scene. His last post, Coffee Talk, is my favorite yet. Check him out... his photos are wonderful, his energy contagious and culinary skills supreme....

Counter Talk: A Root Romance

Rutabaga: Hi Ginger. Ginger: Hi Rutabaga. How are you? Rutabaga: Feeling kind of down. I am not very pretty. Ginger: Me neither. Rutabaga: I am not very social either. I think it's because I spent most of my life with my head underground. Ging...