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Cream of Asparagus Soup

I like challenging my mind to think differently and like to play games where I translate sensory experiences as if they were different languages. "What musi...
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Leftovers Rice Bowl

We have had three different sets of houseguests over the past four weekends which means many big meals and frequent restaurant eating. It also means that duri...

Greek Calamari Salad

I have declared it Dinner Salad Week at my house. In an effort to lose a few pounds and eat more produce, I have banned carbs from our dinner table for a little...

Italian Sausage Soup

The soup that I served and exchanged at the inaugural Soup Exchange: Italian Sausage Soup 1 1/2 lbs. Italian Sausage (I mix spicy and mild) 2 cloves garl...

A Winter, Citrus Treat

It is always a struggle for me to eat enough fruits and vegetables in the winter. Winter fruits seem like so much work to me. Oh how I miss berries, peaches and...