Greek Calamari Salad

I have declared it Dinner Salad Week at my house. In an effort to lose a few pounds and eat more produce, I have banned carbs from our dinner table for a little...
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Holy Guacamole

Last week, in Mexico, I ate guacamole religiously at least twice a day. I heaped it on chips, lathered up tacos, bathed each bite of my fajitas and even spo...

Italian Sausage Soup

The soup that I served and exchanged at the inaugural Soup Exchange: Italian Sausage Soup 1 1/2 lbs. Italian Sausage (I mix spicy and mild) 2 cloves garl...

Don’t Pigeonhole Pumpkin

Like my good friend mav of port2port, I have been baking like crazy lately. In the past week alone, I made brownies, apple cake and tried a new recipe...Pumpkin...
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Pudding Power

When I was little my mom often made Jell-O pudding for dessert. Four steaming cups of chocolate, butterscotch or tapioca pudding, sometimes topped with a melt...

A Winter, Citrus Treat

It is always a struggle for me to eat enough fruits and vegetables in the winter. Winter fruits seem like so much work to me. Oh how I miss berries, peaches and...