If you are making limoncello with us and have successfully completed Part 1 and Part 2, the time has come to reap the benefits of your patience. After eighty days, it is time to remove the lemony brew from its dark hiding place… awaken it from hibernation…. let there be light!

We are actually a few weeks past the 40 days since my Part 2 post. But never fear, the extra days of soaking lemon rind will only make it that much better. We enjoyed our first sip a week or so ago and agreed that this is my husband’s best batch ever. It is so good that I have enjoyed a little taste almost every evening since then!

Truly, I have never delighted in a more refreshing liqueur. Each nip is like a ray of sunshine in your mouth. This recipe has less sugar than some and sits longer which results in a stronger lemon taste that is a less sweet. Keeping the finished product in the freezer makes the flavor all the more bright.

It is not too late to start the 80-day process now to still enjoy homemade limoncello by the end of the summer.

Limoncello, Part 3
1. Strain the liquid twice to remove lemon rind and all particles.
2. Store the limoncello in the freezer. Because it is 100 proof vodka, it will not freeze at all.
3. Sip after dinner, pour over ice cream or add soda water for a tall cocktail.

May your coming months be filled with sunny days, cool breezes, meals outside, the company of good friends and of course, good food and drink. Salute!

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6 Responses to “Make Limoncello With Us! (part 3 – your reward!)”

  1. Eva Says:

    woohooo…I’m so excited! I still have to wait another few weeks for mine to be finished but I’m already looking forward to the first sips in the evening sun :-)

  2. katie Says:

    Mmmmm, yum! This sounds fabulous!!!! What brand of Vodka did you use or recommend?

  3. Caroline Says:

    To be honest, the selection of 100 proof vodka is not great. We used Smirnoff which worked just fine. Last year, we used 80 proof and it did get icy and wasn’t as good. So, I would say anything 100 proof you can find that isn’t the bottom of the barrel. I am not a vodka purest. Have fun – you will love it!

  4. katie Says:

    Thanks Caroline! I remember an Italian friend of mine was going to make his own Limoncello and he complained about not finding any good 100 proof vodka. I’m no purist either, but I figure with all those yummy lemons and sugar, it can only make a so-so vodka even better.

  5. Mary Says:

    I have a friend who makes limoncello with everclear. We made some (not with everclear, with decent vodka) this year in time for Easter and served it along with a dessert that we topped with tiny cutouts of limoncello gelatine (jello shots rule!). Has anybody here ever moved into a place with limoncello ready and waiting in the freezer? My everclear limoncello friend swears it’s some sort of American tradition to leave your limoncello in the freezer for the next people who live in your place. She says it’s happened to her three times and she’s left some three times, so her theory works for her.

  6. Connie Says:

    I made this recipe with my first crop of lemons and have just a little left. My next crop is in and I’ve started a new batch. This is very good, though my first taste of lemon cello was my own. I did have a little trouble with a “scum” that tended to float to the top, probably got a little pith attached to the rind, so I had to do some very thorough straining through cheese cloth. I was much more careful this time to ensure the zest was pith free. Everclear is outlawed for sale in California, but I did find 100 proof vodka and it worked very well.

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