I hope that everyone enjoyed a bountiful Thanksgiving full of bursting waste bands, flavorful surprises and good company. I had a wonderful jaunt to Iowa to visit my grandma, aunt and sister. I have many food adventures to tell you about (including a visit to an amazing little goat cheese farm) and can’t wait to share them….. if ONLY I hadn’t left my laptop at Gram’s house. Darn that white imac for camouflaging itself against her white marble side table while it was charging. It is on its way back via FedEx – please help me think positive thoughts that it will arrive safely with all photos and documents intact!

In the meantime, you can ponder this….

Would you rather have the chance to chew a piece of the magical gum Violet Beauregarde enjoyed in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory (with all glitches corrected) OR visit a real life Candyland complete with gumdrop forest and all?

(Thank you to EB and Cakespy
who helped me with the name correction from the original post!)