If any of you have been reading since the beginning, you may remember my excitement last year with the inaugural soup exchange. Although it is nearly March and we are heading out of soup season, we are doing it again! One last soup hurrah! This coming Sunday, friends, neighbors and colleagues are gathering at our house to enjoy a soup dinner and then exchange soups so each end up with a freezer or refrigerator filled with a potpourri of yumminess.

Want to host your own soup exchange? I make a large pot of soup to serve and ask others to bring bread, a drink or dessert to share. For the exchange, here are the instructions I emailed to my gang:

1. Make a yummy soup, preferably freezer friendly (pasta and rice don’t always freeze well but you can leave it out and instruct to add later)
2. Package it in disposable containers, 3 cups per container. Glad makes a rectangular Soup & Salad that is 3 cups or 24 oz.
3. Put a label or piece of paper on each container of soup with the name and serving suggestions.
4. Bring as many 3 cup containers of soup as you want to our house.
5. At the end of the evening, you choose as many containers as you brought. So, you go home with a variety of soups.

Find soup recipe ideas here. Happy Soup Exchanging!