Mr Honeydew: My, my Ms. Cantaloupe, you are looking mighty fine.

Ms. Cantaloupe: (shyly) Oh dear, thank you for the compliment. But, my kind don’t usually go with your kind.

Mr. Honeydew: Oh but Ms. Cantaloupe, let’s not be confined by the ideals of society.

Torrid affair ensues. A year later…

Ms. Cantaloupe: My darling, she is just beautiful! What should we call her?

Mr. Honeydew: Let’s call her Temptation Melon to celebrate our unbridled romance.
Ms. Cantaloupe: A bit risque for our precious baby, don’t you think? But, she is beautiful and sweet and will tempt many a palate. She has your smooth, soft skin as well as your fragrance.

Mr. Honeydew: And she has your sweet, succulent flavor and vibrant orange flesh.

Ms. Cantaloupe: She truly is the best of both of us!