Oh Come All Ye Faithful…to the alter of Zingerman’s. My Food Mail Order Gift Guide must start here. This mecca of specialty foods is nestled in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you truly are a Foodie through and through, I suggest that you make the pilgrimage at least once in your lifetime. A visit to the Zingerman’s Deli will give you a taste of what it is all about. This place is not a company but a culture. The people are as cool as the food selection is amazingly delectable. Although you are likely a web savvy shopper if you are reading blogs, you MIGHT just want to call (1.888.636.8162) and place orders here just to talk to the supremely educated and absurdly friendly customer service staff.

My Gift of Choice: The Weekender Gift Box, $75

Why? This has a little bit of everything for a very reasonable price. The sourcream coffeecake is their most popular baked good and for good reason. Also included for your sweet tooth are a few brownies and some jam and honey to lather on the loaf of artisanal bread. When you are ready for a salty switch, dig in to the salami, cheese and mustard. This is the sort of gift box that can be spread out all day for holiday noshing.

Other Yummy Considerations:
Holiday Stollen, $36
Gingerbread Coffee Cakes, $24-50
Cheeses of the World Gift Boxes, $90-125
Christmas Morning Gift Box, $250

Whipped Mail Order Gift Guide: I will be featuring some of my favorite gift options through December 10 (to give you plenty of time to order should you choose any of these gifts for those on your list). I was not paid by anyone, I just chose my favorites and sampled them to share with you. It was a tough job….but somebody had to do it.