Introducing the cookie of all cookies: the Gentle Giant, the Beguiling Behemoth, the Wondrous Whopper of a cookie from the Chicago Cookie Emporium, Carol’s Cookies. If you want to impress, excite and treat lovers-of-baked-goods, you MUST send this cookie tin. When you crack open the lid, these nearly 4 inch cookies will make one’s inner child squeal with excitement. Carol’s Cookies are doughy in the middle, which makes it a bit like having a cookie on the outside and a sinful spoon of cookie dough on the inside. Truly, I am salivating just writing about them.

My Gift of Choice: Large Gift Tin, $34

Why? The gluttonous holiday season seems like the best time to dig in to a dozen enormous cookies. For $34, this is probably the best value in my entire Mail Order Gift Guide. This tin is perfect for a large family or office group. They freeze well so don’t be shy about sending them to an individual either.

Other Yummy Considerations:
Small Gift Tin, $24
6 Month Cookie of the Month, $205

Whipped Mail Order Gift Guide: I will be featuring some of my favorite gift options through December 10 (to give you plenty of time to order should you choose any of these gifts for those on your list). I was not paid by anyone, I just chose my favorites and sampled them to share with you. It was a tough job….but somebody had to do it. Well okay, nobody had to do it. But, I was happy to volunteer.