We were those people. The parents on the airplane with the crying toddler who was kicking the seat in front of her. We travel to Europe each year to visit my in-laws. Before having children, we would ask ourselves, “Are we ready to manage a toddler on an overseas flight?” Well, we were and we did it and we survived…. with the worst jet lag of all time… but here we are. Mini Whipped even found a second and then third wind to wobble her little roller bag through passport control all by herself at about 1am Chicago time.

After a few days in the Netherlands, we hopped another plane to my father-in-law’s native island in Greece, Corfu. Ah, vacation at last. It always takes me a few days to relax into Corfu-pace. Like a balloon with a little leak, I buzz around a bit before finally collapsing into a heap. For the next week, my biggest concern will be what to make with all those ripe red peppers in the garden?

For those who have never visited a Greek island, I highly recommend it. In the meantime, try some Greek recipes and read below to give your senses a little hint.


Tastes Like olive oil, grilled meats, baked pasta with hints of cinnamon, lemons, fresh figs, large juicy peaches, feta, warm bread, watermelon and oregano.

Sounds Like coos and caws from meandering birds, revving of motorcycles and buzzing of scooters, loud confident Greek voices shouting, early morning rooster cries, hum of ceiling fans, crickets.

Smells Like hot dry earth, woody olive trees, hints of Eucalyptus, a touch of gasoline, the sea, sun lotion.

Feels Like life has asked you to pull up a chair to its table and enjoy a long, slow meal.